Marc Kimmel

Designer at, avid traveller & photographer.

Enter your location to get the weekly forecast, recipes matched to the weather, and delicious beer recommendations.

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Whisk iPhone app

Whisk for iPhone

A clever shopping list and half a million recipes for inspiration.

Whisk web app

Whisk web app

The smart Whisk shopping list, seamlessy integrated with recipe sites. Responsive for any device and translated to a dozen languages.

Whisk Widget

Whisk Button

This button instantly creates a shopping list from recipes on dozens of popular food websites. It continues to evolve through experimentation.

Whisk website

Aimed at attracting new users and partners, is an evolving, multifaceted property. I've planned, designed, and helped build 3 versions of it.

Valhalla Timberwrights logo

Branding for a timber framing company. See also: building a house.

QRky Dashboard

UI for account management system.

Urban Sprawl Poster
Urban Sprawl Poster

Urban Sprawl Impacts

I explore the issues of design in urban planning and experiment with an illustration style in a poster series.

Marc Kimmel Dot Com v4 v4

An earlier version of this site consisted of musings on a variety of topics. I would experiment with magazine style layouts and explore html/css/js.